Ville Talonpoika


Hello there!

I am Ville Talonpoika, a computer science student in the University of Helsinki and an entrepreneur.

This is my (slightly outdated – to be updated soon) portfolio site where all of my projects are on display. The page itself is written in HTML5, SASS and JavaScript, and hosted on GitHub.

FOLD is an interactive virtual reality experience built as a group project in the Aalto University Game Project course. I worked on the game as a programmer along with three other people. More information and a video here.

FOLD explores uncharted space in procedural storytelling within immense three-dimensional fractals.

FOLD was made using Unity.


From the ocean rose a giant,
Mighty Tursas, tall and hardy

Ikuturso tmi is my proprietorship name under which I design websites for organizations and events such as Kronos ry, KUJ and KY-Speksi.

It is also the name I use in my software projects.

Iku-Turso is a sea monster from Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. Unlike the original, my Ikuturso is not malevolent and makes for a good mascot!
Business ID: 2699701-3


Quaternion War! is a game I made for the Ludum Dare 38 game jam.

It is a top-down twin-stick shooter on a sphere-shaped world. The player has to defeat waves of enemies and destroy five crystals to win.

Quaternion War! is made using Unity, bfxr and Blender.

Quaternion War! is available at


Novel.js is a lightweight text adventure and interactive fiction engine for the web. It provides an easy-to-use syntax for creating text-based interactive fiction, such as visual novels.

Novel.js is open source under the MIT license and written in dependency-less ES6 JavaScript.

Novel.js is available both at GitHub and NPM.


Clanonium is a third-person adventure I'm developing using Unity3D. The game features a colourful world, a complex pacifist combat system and a storyline polished for the past decade.

This is a solo project I'm using to learn all aspects of game development. Character animation is hard, but I'm getting there!


Leike is a clipboard management utility - it records all text and images that enter your clipboard and saves them for later use. It has a neat UI, saves all copied images and screenshots into .png files and supports exporting the data as JSON.

Leike is open source, and made using Electron and Vue.js and written in CoffeeScript, HTML and SASS.

Leike is available at its GitHub repository.